Gelizeh (Gl'xh) is a woman in a world of women.  Marked for death by the authorities as a radical, she is forced to uncover the oldest truths of her species, and become the lone protector of the Amaxen.
Amaxeno is centered on a race of “space-Amazons” loosely influenced by the mythical Amazons. They are the genetic off-shoots of a future Humanity who face the consequences of “Adam’s Curse”, which hypothesizes the eventual loss of male humans due to the continued dilution of the Y-chromosome in the human genome. The story’s main character Gl’xh becomes the target of the authorities, despite the fact that she is a loyal, though failing, Seneschal. Her fight for survival and answers lead her to discover the origins of her species, and her own true identity. 
Character Development.
Excerpt from Sample
Excerpt from Sample
Excerpt from Sample
Promotional development, featuring imaginary page sample.

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