Who, or what, is "Pan-Spec"?

Pan-Spec is an illustrator and writer dedicated to creating imaginative content for any medium, specializing in World Building and Narrative. Always eager to create new worlds, either alone or in tandem with other creative professionals.

Pan Spec's work has driven video games, illustrated novels and short story collections, both in presenting concepts and projecting narrative and design.
He is currently working to establish new graphic novel properties (as seen in the Projects section of the website) for submission to publishers, but this doesn't mean there's no time for anything new.

What can Pan-Spec do FOR YOU?
Pan-Spec is named for being "Pan-Spectrum" or "Pan-Specific"; no matter what the brief, genre, development level, Pan-Spec can offer generative ideas, concept development (in art, prose or design) to bring your ideas to fruition.
Sometimes less is better. Bring me a half-baked idea and through discussion and some brainstorming, we can make it work.
If you are a gaming company, self-publisher, or just have an idea you'd like to build on, Pan-Spec can help, even on a shoestring budget. 

So, you need a "Dream Merchant"...
For Inquiries, Commissions, Licensing Opportunities and basically anything else, including weird offbeat questions, please email me at:
Pan Spec's work can also be found at:

Deviant Art
Updated irregularly, but previews and content not published to my main web-page.

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